About Cuba and its people

They say that when the conqueror Cristóbal Colón arrived in Cuba with his fleet of caravels, believing he had found the Indies, he was so moved by the beauty before him that he described it as the most beautiful land that human eyes ever saw.

Colón would not be the only one to delight in this Caribbean island. Those who have come to Cuba over the last six centuries have found incredible natural and man-made charms; from prehistoric hillocks of Viñales, the waterfalls and exotic flora of Tope de Collantes (some consider their warm beaches to be among the most beautiful in the world), Trinidad with is colonial vestiges, Camaguey and its architectural heritage, and the sights in Habana Vieja (included in the list of the seven wonders of the modern world cities). These make Cuba a thrilling destination for travelers of all nationalities, who are often surprised by the warmth and friendliness of the Cuban people, famous for their hospitality.

Of us, it is said, we are witty, clever, humorous, rooted in our traditions, and proud. We all feel deeply the mark of our Cuban identity. There is hardly another people as true to its roots as the Cubans; tobacco, sugar cane, royal palm, heritage bequeathed to us by Spain, Africa and even China. The poet Fernando Ortiz described the range of cultures in Cuba as a delicious “ajiaco”, referring to one of the traditional dishes of Cuban cuisine, a broth based on the fusion of all kinds of meals, corn and meat.

Cuba is a kind of paradise in the Caribbean Sea, at the confluence of cultural attractions, traces of colonial architecture, cultural vestiges of a past that does not die, and the simplicity of its people. It is well worth it to get to know Cuba and the Cubans.

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