Extreme biking in Cuba

All over the world there are more and more people that love to discover new places using just bicycles. People strong enough to do more than 60 km per day even in hilly routs. This section, is designed for them.

“At Cuban Style” provides some tours focus in adventurous spirits with the courage to explore Cuba on a bicycle. The hot weather of this Caribbean Island and the hills on it, made the journeys very dificult, but the reward to see  the real authenticity of the country and the unthinkable landscape that make you wonder if is it really truth what your eyes see. Is certainly worth it.

The extreme biking trips are offered in 2 diferent options.

Go with a support car

This is the recommended option to do it. You will go cycling accompanied all the time for the tour guide and a car. The work of this car is carry the luggage and  assist you whenever be needed. If someone gets tired or if is to hot to biking or in case of accidents, you can go inside the car and put the bicycles in the car trailer. This options is more expensive, but also the more safe.

Go solo

This is only ment for young and strong persons. It will be carrying just the very basic in a backpack like water, sun protection, and some basic clothes. You will go just with the tour guide who knows the way and carry some tools to fix the bicycles if it is required Going solo means no support car to help you in case is needed.

Before decide to sign up for this tour you have to ask yourself if you can manage more than 5 hours pedaling keeping at least a minimum speed of 20 km/h in flat road. If the answers is no. the only way you can do this, is with the support car to use it when you need it