Biking from Havana to Viñales

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This tour is for physically strong people that enjoy cycling a lot. Starting from Havana to finally reach Viñales after 210 km and 3 days of pedaling. A taxi will pick the adventurers who want to join this trip, in their address in Havana at 7:00 am, driving them outside of the city traffic to start the biking. The same taxi, will be responsable for take the luggage safely to Viñales accommodation, to avoid the need of carrying it during the journey. You will only be taking an small backpack with the most important things like water, sun protection, some cloth, etc.

The first day start some kilometers after Santa Fe in Havana, using the north road that leads to Mariel town. Even when is a highway, the traffic is considerable low, which let you enjoy the see smell, the panoramic view of the Cuban coast and some small beaches like Baracoa. After Mariel the trip follow the national highway for a very short time to go off road in direction to Las Terrazas, for the first break after 60 km.

The visit to the small community of Las Terrazas is definitely enjoyable, the balance created with the mountains and the San Juan lake give the impression of be in a natural paradise. The opportunity here for lunch and refresh in the river present by itself, that is why we take it, to rest a few hours until the temperature comes down, exactly two and a half hours before sunset, Cuba is a hot country. With renewed energies provided for a good lunch and a nice river, the adventure continues to Sora for the last 21 km of the day. This last part won’t be easy, there are some hills between those 2 places quite difficult that will hardly let you go above 6 km/h. Before go to sleep, once in Soroa could be visited the orchids garden, depending how late you be there and definitely the waterfall.

The second day is probably the most beautiful, go from Soroa to San Diego de los Baños to a road called for the people in the west of Cuba “El Plan Montaña”. This will be a very unpopulated and wonderful trip. It goes through the heart of the range of el Rosario mountain and valleys both sides of a very well maintained street and not even a single car passing by. This will be the scenario until a little village called Fierro , from where start to descend for a long way until the central street and finally San Diego de los Baños about 70 km later, once here check in the your Casa Particular to spend the night.

The last day from San Diego to Viñales is the most difficult one, 58 km in total with lot of strong hills. That is also the most beautiful part of the whole trip. First there will be the visit to Los Portales cave where western army of Cuba leaded for Che Guevara created the headquarters during the missiles crisis in October 1962. This educational visit won’t take long, just the enough to relax the legs a little bit, before continue to Resvaloso river. The lunch will take place in a the small restaurant next to the river, usually empty for been away from everything but the food is great and the beers just beautiful. The refreshing swimming in the river will be appreciated for the body. And again a couple of hours before the sunset continues the last 18 km to Viñales, where we recommend to stay for at least 2 nights do some others activities.

Difficulty: Hard
Total Distance: 210 km
Time required: 3 days
Sleep in: Soroa, San Diego de los Baños and Viñales.
Visited places: Las Terrazas, Soroa, La Güira National Park, Los Portales cave, Resvaloso river, Viñales.
Included: Tour guide service, bicycles, accommodation, breakfast, dinner, big luggage transportation Havana-Viñales.
Minimum person required: 2
Maximum person allowed: 8

  • 335 CUC x person (for 2 person total 670 CUC)
  • 300 CUC x person (for 4 or 5 person)
  • 285 CUC x person (for 6 or more persons)

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Note: Some of the visited places require a payment; Las terrazas, Park La Guira, and cave Los Portales (price is between 2 to 7 cuc per person)

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