Through the Valle del Silencio

Step into the enchanting embrace to the Silence Valley in Viñales as we unveil a sunset hiking experience like no other. Our journey begins in the afternoon, a perfect dance with the sun as it gracefully descends beyond the horizon, casting a magical glow over the Silence Valley .

To embark on this odyssey, a taxi awaits to transport you to the starting point, just 3 km from Viñales town. The entire trail unfolds within the embrace of Valle del Silencio, a realm of tranquility and beauty that whispers tales of tradition and adventure.

Picture yourself immersed in the breathtaking landscape of Valley of Silence, surrounded by the lush greenery of crop plantations. Here, you’ll delve into the secrets of traditional agriculture, each step a lesson in the rich heritage of Viñales.

The journey continues towards the tranquil waters of Capon’s Lake, offering a refreshing interlude after basking in the warm embrace of the Cuban sun. As the day’s heat dissipates, imagine yourself ready to explore further – a rendezvous with a local tobacco farmer awaits.

In the heart of the fields, discover the art of tobacco cultivation. Engage in conversations that reveal the essence of tobacco, complemented by MOJITO served in true farmer style. Enhance this extraordinary experience with a Cuban cigar crafted before your eyes – a combination that transcends the ordinary, especially when accompanied by the mesmerizing hues of the sunset.

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The tour can be done at any time of the day, our recommendation is in the afternoon to see the sunset unless you visit Cuba during the rainy season (June to August), in which case is recommended in the morning to avoid the rain. The alternative to do it, is entirely up to you hiking or horseback riding.

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Costume: Preferably closed shoes
Duration: Approximately three hours considering the stops.
Starting time: Between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm depending on the season of the year for the sunset.
Price walking: 15.00 EUR or 15 USD per person including the taxi.
Horse Price: 25.00 EUR or 25 USD per person.