To Los Acuáticos

The excursion begins very early in the morning, the location to meet the tour guide will be given later, once they request a booking. the tour guide will have a taxi  that is required to reach the initial point of the hike.

Getting out of the taxi 5 km farther, start the adventure. Walking in totally darkness nearly an hour up hill to find “Los Acuáticos”. From the porch of a farmer house, seated, with some luck in a rocking chair. Enjoin a lovely coffee, or maybe a juice, offered by the farmer, and the magnificences view to “Valle la Penitencia” and “Valle del Palmarito” covered both by a see of mist, that happen most part of the year at that time, you will see the Sun coming out from the mountains.

After enjoin the view, the place and some history about the local people, start the return through the “Valle la Penitencia” to rich later “Valle Dos Hermanas” finishing near the Mural de la Prehistoria approximative 3 hours after the beginning of the tour to catch the taxi for go back to Viñales.

About the place

“Los Acuáticos” is a very quiet place inside the mountains of Viñales where just two families live now a day, people that has they own traditions an habits, impossible to describe in words even for the best writer or to print in pictures for the best camera, totally worth to see.

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Costume: Close shoes, trousers recommended .
Duration: 3 hours
Starting time: From 5:30 am to 6:30 am depending of the year season.
Price: 15 EUR per person.