What to bring to Cuba

You have probably read online or heard from friends how difficult is to get things in Cuba, let me tell you something, it’s truth. The reason is very simple, Cuba is a poor country with a communist system from the 3th world that had been blocked for the USA government for more than 60 years, but let’s focus in the problem and not in the reasons that cause it. 
Everything is hard to get for the Cuban people, since a few color pencils to electronics devices or parts. The goal of this post is to teach foreigners tourists how to help the locals and help themselves. I want focus in the simplest things that I often heard my customers say, “oh I didn’t know other wise I would bring my old…” movil phone, laptop, camera, bicycle or whatever old stuff they have and are not longer using. Even with the mony we can’t find those objects in the black market and definitely not in the shops. You could bring your old stuff and we will happily pay for it, in that way you make some extra cash and we get what we need. If you are not sure what to bring and you want to help, just ask the Cubans you have to contact for any cain of services you need, if they need something, we appreciate that very much.

Now let’s talk about Medicines in Cuba.
As a result of a financial crisis, the inflation suffered by the people of Cuba and especially after the years of the Covid-19, in Cuba there is a generalized shortage of medicines in the country. Very basic medications such as Metamisole, Paracetamol, Hibuprofen or Taylenol, it is not found in government pharmacies. Therefore, bringing some of these medicines would be very helpful for the Cubans and for yourself, in case you need them and cannot find them.

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