Through the Valle del Silencio

The tour takes place in the afternoon to match its end with the sunset. The entire route is in the Valle del Silencio and to accomplish this, it needs a taxi to reach the starting point, 3 km from the village. In about 3 hours later, after having witnessed a marvellous sunset, another taxi will be required to come back, from a different place, since the tour is performed in only one direction.

The tour will visit a farmer who will show you how the Cubans process coffee rustically, the one called Cafe Criollo (criollo coffee), and if you want you could also have a refreshing drink such as the exquisite Coco loco, or a natural juice, or why not, a criollo coffee. Continue then to visit Capon’s Lake for a refreshing swim after a bit of hot Cuban sun. Once the heat is gone, thanks to the lake, and ready to visit a tobacco farmer in the area that besides explaining everything related to tabacco also offers mojitos at farmers’ style that taste even better with a Cuban cigar made and cultivated by man in front of you (believe me when I tell you that is an amazing combination specially if we add the sunset).

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The tour can be done at any time of the day, our recommendation is in the afternoon to see the sunset unless you visit Cuba during the rainy season (June to August), in which case is recommended in the morning to avoid the rain. The alternative to do it, is entirely up to you hiking or horseback riding.

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Costume: Preferably closed shoes
Duration: Approximately three hours considering the stops.
Starting time: Between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm depending on the season of the year for the sunset.
Price walking: 20.00 EUR per person including the taxi.
Horse Price: 20.00 EUR per person.