Services | Tours in Vinales, Cuba

We provide you a guided service for tours in Viñales, Cuba, giving you the opportunity to be accompanied with a guide that knows the place and the English language. for the different options of tours you may choose.

Horseback riding in Vinales

How is horseback riding in Cuba? Let’s put it in this way “the horses are semi automatic”. Even if you have never been in a horse before, there is no reason to be afraid all you have to do is sit on it. The animal will do the rest. But on the other hand if you have experience and you want to have what could be call an energetic horse, we make it happen for you. In any case you will be attended by a guide that master the job.

Wear: Trousers and closed shoes.
To carry: Water and sun protection.
Time: 2 to 6 hour depending of the tour.
Price: 5.00 CUC per person per hour

Hiking in Vinales

The hiking in Viñales or walking tours are services provided by professional guides that known the Viñales nature. You can enjoy the fresh air and the warm sun of Cuba like in no other place in the island! During the few hours you will be in the tour the guide will teach you about the medicinal plants, agriculture, history and culture of the place. And of course the opportunity to visit farmers of the area to learn about tobacco or simply try a farmer mojitos.

Wear: Trousers and closed shoes.
To carry: Water and sun protection.
Time: 2 to 6 hour depending of the tour.
Price:10 to 16 CUC per person depending of the tour.


For bike lovers we also have some options, something different from the country side activities. This cycling tour is always on paved road ( well sometimes the paved road is not paved anymore but, thats part of Cuba ) and the best thing, the traffic is very low because Vinales is an small town without industries, just pure nature. The cycling is a big adventure, you may begin with a sunny nice day in Cuba and 20 minutes later find your self under a strong rain storm, and thunder in the worse case, or a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Having then the need to ask for help in a humble Cuban home and see how with almost nothing your bike can be fixed and feel the nice hospitality of the people that live outside of the touristic places, the real Cubans.

Wear: Closed shoes.
To carry: LOT of water and sun protection.
Distant: 30 to 40 km depending of the tour.
Price: 20 to 30 CUC per person depending of the tour bicycle included.