Why Cuba

Travel to Cuba may cross your mind as a crazy idea, I meant unless you live within America (The continent) is far away from everything else, and we all know plane tickets are expensive. Well if you actually think is not worth it just keep reading to find out how wrong you are.


Cuban beach image at day time
Cayo Coco Beach

There is absolutely nothing like the Caribbean Sea. Sand is so white as you cant really imagine and the beach water is blue, not a pallid blue, a beautiful turquoise blue the kind that make you smile and relax for just looking at it. Then we have the temperature I have had the chance to swim in the beaches of Canary Island, Spain. They are supposed to be great, and they are; but men, the difference is so big, the water feeling is so much more comfortable in the Caribbean, it almost feel like a nice warm shower.


Cuban nature, Viñales valley
Viñales Valley, west of Cuba

While Cuban sea is gorgeous, you don’t really fly 500+ km and spend 800.00 EUR just to get a nice swim on a beach. You can and should also explore the countryside and it’s National Parks. Cuba have beautiful green plains and mountains with a very exotic variety of plants and birds. It is just perfect to practice Eco-tourism and activities: cycling, hiking, horseback riding, running just keep you active while discover the authenticity of the Island.


city of havana where can be seeing nice and broken buildings
Havana City

What can be said about Havana, a damaged city that refuses to die and keeps fighting back, where you can see a brand new building just next to one about to collapse for the age. Trinidad a place stopped in time still conserving it is colonial architecture as no other place in the country. Cienfuegos the Pearl of the south declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the only city in Cuba founded for the French in 1819 when they ran away from Haiti, that today expose proudly its beauty to the visitors

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